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Scientific name English name French name Dowsett Obs BFA TCD NER
Hirundo smithii Wire-tailed Swallow Hirondelle à longs brins Z02-0715 16
Hirundo nigrita White-throated Blue Swallow Hirondelle à bavette Z02-0716
Hirundo leucosoma Pied-winged Swallow Hirondelle à ailes tachetées Z02-0717 18
Hirundo aethiopica Ethiopian Swallow Hirondelle d'Ethiopie Z02-0720 292
Hirundo albigularis White-throated Swallow Hirondelle à gorge blanche Z02-0721
Hirundo rustica Barn Swallow Hirondelle rustique Z02-0722 262
Hirundo lucida Red-chested Swallow Hirondelle de Guinée Z02-0723 13
Hirundo angolensis Angola Swallow Hirondelle d'Angola Z02-0724
Cecropsis semirufa Rufous-chested Swallow Hirondelle à ventre roux Z02-07a01 11
Cecropsis senegalensis Mosque Swallow Hirondelle des mosquées Z02-07a02 26
Cecropsis abyssinica Lesser Striped Swallow Hirondelle à gorge striée Z02-07a03 38
Cecropsis daurica Red-rumped Swallow Hirondelle rousseline Z02-07a05-1 11
Cecropsis domicella West African Swallow Hirondelle ouest-africaine Z02-07a05-2 12
Ptyonoprogne fuligula Rock Martin Hirondelle isabelline Z02-07a12-1 1
Ptyonoprogne obsoleta Pale Crag Martin Hirondelle du désert Z02-07a12-2 96
Pterochelidon preussi Preuss's Cliff Swallow Hirondelle de Preuss Z02-07b09 10
Delichon urbica Common House Martin Hirondelle de fenêtre Z02-0801 42
Motacilla flava Yellow Wagtail Bergeronnette printanière Z03-0101 2133
Motacilla citreola Citrine Wagtail Bergeronnette citrine Z03-0102
Motacilla cinerea Grey Wagtail Bergeronnette des ruisseaux Z03-0105 2
Motacilla clara Mountain Wagtail Bergeronnette à longue queue Z03-0106
Motacilla alba White Wagtail Bergeronnette grise Z03-0107 80
Motacilla aguimp African Pied Wagtail Bergeronnette pie Z03-0108 16
Anthus richardi/cinnamomeus Richard's/Grassland Pipit Pipit de Richard/africain Z03-0301
Anthus richardi Richard's Pipit Pipit de Richard Z03-0301-1
Anthus cinnamomeus Grassland Pipit Pipit africain Z03-0301-2
Anthus campestris Tawny Pipit Pipit rousseline Z03-0303 92
Anthus similis/nyassae Long-billed/Woodland Pipit Pipit à long bec/forestier Z03-0304
Anthus similis Long-billed Pipit Pipit à long bec Z03-0304-1 1
Anthus nyassae Woodland Pipit Pipit forestier Z03-0304-2
Anthus leucophrys Plain-backed Pipit Pipit à dos uni Z03-0305 5
Anthus pallidiventris Long-legged Pipit Pipit à longues pattes Z03-0307
Anthus brachyurus Short-tailed Pipit Pipit à queue courte Z03-0309
Anthus trivialis Tree Pipit Pipit des arbres Z03-0311 21
Anthus pratensis Meadow Pipit Pipit farlouse Z03-0313
Anthus cervinus Red-throated Pipit Pipit a gorge rousse Z03-0314 48
Macronyx croceus Yellow-throated Longclaw Sentinelle à gorge jaune Z03-0404
Campephaga phoenicea Red-shouldered Cuckoo-shrike Echenilleur à épaulettes rouges Z04-0101 19
Campephaga petiti Petit's Cuckoo-shrike Echenilleur de Petit Z04-0103
Campephaga quiscalina Purple-throated Cuckoo-shrike Echenilleur pourpré Z04-0104
Lobotos lobatus Western Wattled Cuckoo-shrike Echenilleur à barbillons Z04-0201
Lobotos oriolinus Eastern Wattled Cuckoo-shrike Echenilleur loriot Z04-0202
Coracina caesia Grey Cuckoo-shrike Echenilleur gris Z04-0301
Coracina pectoralis White-breasted Cuckoo-shrike Echenilleur à ventre blanc Z04-0302
Coracina azurea Blue Cuckoo-shrike Echenilleur bleu Z04-0304
Andropadus montanus Cameroon Montane Greenbul Bulbul concolore Z05-0101
Andropadus tephrolaemus Western Mountain Greenbul Bulbul à gorge grise Z05-0103
Andropadus virens Little Greenbul Bulbul verdâtre Z05-0106
Andropadus gracilis Little Grey Greenbul Bulbul gracile Z05-0107
Andropadus ansorgei Ansorge's Greenbul Bulbul d'Ansorge Z05-0108
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