Dunn's Lark (Eremalauda dunni) / 2018-02-08 / (Chad)

Alouette de Dunn juv. + adulte / Dunn's Lark Views 83 © Tim Wacher

Juvenile à gauche: plumage nouveau, couvertures à bord pâle large, bec peut-être pas encore tout-à-fait développé. Adulte à droite à plumage usé, sans bord pâle large aux couvertures alaires.
Juvenile on left: fresh plumage, broad pale margins to wing coverts, bill perhaps not yet fully formed. Adult on right, worn plumage, no wide pale margins to its wing coverts.

Bruno Portier 2018-02-24
Terrific shots Tim. Very informative.
By the way, I do intend to visit Oryx camp in April (visiting there Marc Dethier). Any recommandations about good spots to check for birds around there? Would you be around by that time (1st -10th April)? Would be great to meet you. I also hope to make a quick jump to Zakouma NP. Best, Bruno
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