Observations for African Darter

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Date Year Nr Remarks Location Country Source Entered by
19 Mar 2011 observation with colleagues Parc international du... Niger Thomas Rabeil
25 Jun 2006 Ayorou, fleuve Niger sylvain garraud
08 Aug 2004 1 Ayorou-Firgoun, fleuve Niger sylvain garraud
21 Mar 2004 1 Kori de Bangoula,... Niger Matthias Hartmann
13 Feb 2004 1 Dougel Kaina, rizières Niger Matthias Hartmann
28 Feb 1999 4 Parc international du... Niger PC WABDaB.org
12 May 1990 Saga Ndounga, périmètre... Niger Joost Brouwer (Brouwer EAC)
10 May 1990 Dougel Kaina, fleuve Niger Joost Brouwer (Brouwer EAC)
31 Jul 1972 4 circling above Bwoni wetlands Makalondi, Bwoni Niger Souvairan (1990) Ulf Liedén (WABDaB.org)
9 items found, displaying all items.1

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