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Welcome to the West African Bird DataBase, WABDaB, a not-for-profit effort that aims to further the knowledge about, and conservation of, birds in West Africa. Read more...

January 2022: Change of the use of Google maps
26 Jan 2022 [ULi]
In December we saw an increased number of page views on the WABDaB. The increase was so high that Google started billing us for the use of Google maps. We are pleased about the increased interest in the WABDaB of course, but it is still a not-for-profit effort that we finance out of our own pocke... Read more...
November 2021: fourth Griffon Vulture for Niger
14 Nov 2021 [JBr]
A Griffon Vulture fitted with a satellite transmitter in Navarra, northern Spain, is presently (9 November 2021) north of Tahoua.  See https://www.wabdab.org/db/viewobservation?id=6365490  Note that among the three earlier records for Niger one was of a Griffon Vulture wing-marked in Croat... Read more...
October 2020: New species for Niger: Eurasian Oystercatcher
15 Oct 2020 [JBr]
On 12 September 2020 a Eurasian Oystercatcher was discovered at Goudel ricefields by Benoit Forget.  See the pictures at https://www.wabdab.org/db/species?79082.  This is the first record of this species for Niger and probably for entire inland West Africa!  The bird was still there t... Read more...
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