Ferruginous Duck (Aythya nyroca) / 2011-11-07 / [Hidden] (Niger)

Fuligule nyroca / Ferruginous Duck Views 100 © Esther Garvi

Mâle adulte. Femelle plus terne, oeil sombre.
Adult male. Female plainer, with dark eye.

Equipment: Panasonic Lumix

Ulf Liedén (WABDaB.org) 2011-11-10
Nice one, of a rare bird. Thanks for sharing!
Esther Garvi (Eden Foundation) 2011-11-10
You're welcome! I don't see ducks very often and this guy was so sweet, swimming about all by himself... next to the cattle egrets, the stilts and the dove.
David Kusserow 2011-11-11
You make me jealous! Nice you had your camera, though, to be able to get a picture. I might have to stop by Kanya some time and see if he is still around ;).
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