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11 Jan 2012 [ULi]

Dear all,

hope you had a nice Christmas and that the New Year has started well! 

The update of the NiBDaB web site, which was announced by Joost in his NiBDaB newsletter, is now in place.

The most important change is that you can now let other registered NiBDaB users send you messages through the web site. By default, no one can send you any messages, but if you tick the "Contact allowed" checkbox in your registration details (which you find if you click "My profile"), other registered users will be able to send you messages through a "Send e-mail" link on your profile page as well as on the page of each observation you entered. Please note: Your e-mail address is never displayed on the web site. 

Other novelties are:

  1. You can store the name and the internet address (URL) of your own home page in your registration details. If you do so, this link will be displayed on your profile page. 
  2. Now all your uploaded photos are displayed on your profile page, not just the most recent ones. The photos can be sorted according to entry date (default), taxonomic order and popularity (number of views).

To see and edit your personal registration details, visit "My profile".

To see an example of the "Send e-mail" link and display of the homepage link, visit Ulf's profile page

The profile pages of all users who have entered observations are most easily accessible through the "User statistics".

We wish you all the best for the New Year 2012, and a lot of memorable birding moments. 

Ulf and Joost

Edited: 2012-03-01 [ULi]