June 2015: Chad and Burkina added, cisticola corrected

21 Jun 2015 [JBr]

As our faithful followers will have noticed, the NiBDaB has changed its name to WABDaB, the West African Bird DataBase at www.wabdab.org (though www.nibdab.org still works, too).  in addition to Niger, records and images of birds from Chad and Burkina Faso are now also accepted.  Thanks to especially Tim Wacher of the Zoological Society Londonand the Sahara Conservation Fund, and also to Lorna Labuschagne of Africa Parks in Zakouma NP, the WABDaB already contains 6667 records of 336 species from Chad.  Tim has kindly agreed to be a WABDAB administrator for Chad.   We hope to get properly started on Burkina soon.

Upon further examination we have come to the conclusion that the cisticola photographed at Kellé on 31 July 2014 by the Sahara Conservation Fund is not a Red-pate Cisticola after all.  It is now considered to be in the Foxy/Shortwinged/Rufous Cisticola group, also new for Niger.  But what species precisely it is remains a mystery for now.  To be continued, we hope.  See also the pictures of Red-pate Cisticola from Chad.

We hope to introduce the new WABDaB logo later this month.

Edited: 2015-06-24 [JBr]