July 2015: new logo; new species Chad; new records wanted

03 Jul 2015 [JBr]

We are pleased to announce that we have a new WABDaB logo as shown on the web page header.  We happily acknowledge Nik Borrow's much appreciated contribution of the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill image for this logo.

Over the past six months four new species for Chad have been documented: Pel's Fishing Owl, Isabelline shrike (see the databse for both) as well as Watttled Starling and African Black Swift (to be added soon).  On two other new species we are still awaiting details.  More on this in the next issue of the Bulletin of the African Bird Club. 

All of you who read this, please submit to the WABDaB any bird records you have from Niger, Chad or Burkina Faso.  You can  enter them on-line on the website after a simple registration procedure that allows us to check back with you on any unusual sightings.  You can also send your records to me in an Excel file, for which I can sen you an example file and brief instructions.  Details on unusual sightings including descriptions, can be added in the Remarks field.  We are always willing to help you with uploading and identification problems.  It is records from people like you that make the WADaB a living conservation and research tool!! 

After a record has been included any associated images can be uploaded as well.  The photographers retain the copyright to any image uploaded.  The WABDaB is programmed to reduce uploaded images to files with 800 pixels along the longest side.  This makes the images easier to look at with a slow internet connection and also discourages unauthorised use.  Anyone interested in an image in the WABDaB can contact the copyright holder via the WABDaB administrators.

Edited: 2015-07-03 [JBr]