December 2015 : 4.404 records by Pierre Souvairan from SW Niger added, 3 new species for Niger

17 Jan 2016 [JBr]

correction 21 Juy 2016:
Pierre Souvairan was a Brother of Taizé who lived and birded near Makalondi in SW Niger 1968-1998.  Recently 4.404 of his records from the Makalondi area were added to the WABDaB.  These involved 311 species, of which 3 with no other records for Niger: Black-cap Babbler, Fanti Saw-wing and Many-coloured Bush-shrike.  Nesting records for 93 species boosted the number of proven breeding species for Niger in  the WABDaB by 37.  Souvairan's record of a Caspian Plover on 26 October 1980 ("Found dead in the bush: clearly identified with breast band, no wattles, brown forehead, etc.  Very skinny.") cannot be accepted because other Charadrius species cannot be excluded.

Edited: 2016-07-21 [JBr]