February 2016 : How to sort records. A new species for Chad? Very cute coucal.

03 Mar 2016 [JBr]

Users of the WABDaB may want to sort the records that have been called up, for instance on day of the year to check the arrival and departure dates of migratory species.   To sort the records, click once on the heading of the column of interest.  To reverse the sorting order, click on the heading a second time.

            New records uploaded the past month include 238 records of 2011 from central and northern Chad by Robert Schoenbrodt.  Noteworthy are  three observations of Barbary Falcon (more common in the Sahel than records indicate), two of Marbled Teal, a Cape Teal with three almost grown young, and five records of House Sparrow, confirming that the latter really has become quite wide-spread in Chad.  A further 735 records from central Chad from August 2010 were added by  Tim Wacher and John Newby.  These include a Golden Eagle, of which Borrow & Demey (2014) only show one record from Chad, possibly the same record.  Large groups of Abdim Storks (800) and Yellow-billed Kites (1.000) were seen as well.  The milestones of 10.000 records and 50 breeding species for Chad are now well and truly rounded.  

            Don't forget to look at the very cute pictures of a very young Senegal Coucal at http://www.wabdab.org/db/viewspecies?type=species&species=Senegal+Coucal&speciesKey=18523&speciesId=18523 .

Edited: 2016-03-03 [JBr]