April 2016 : Old bird stories; old notebooks; Shikra vs Gabar

19 Apr 2016 [JBr]

Traditional bird stories are a way of generating interest in birds with people who were not interested before.  As society becomes less traditional such stories are in danger of disappearing.  These are two very good reasons for collecting these stories.  Four such stories, from the Gourmantché in the border region of Burkina Faso and Niger, have just been published, in English and in French.  See Malimbus 38:28-32 .  Please help collect traditional bird stories from Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad, and other African countries if you like.  We will be happy to help you get them published.
            Peter Browne dug out his old notebooks to add 24 records from Ouaga from March 1984 and July 1987.  The 10 Fox Kestrels he saw at Ouaga airport are remarkable, as are the 30 Hooded Vultures.  A reminder of what once was, that last observation.  And of the importance of your efforts to help preserve West Africa's natural resources.  If you or someone you know has observations from Burkina, Niger and/or Chad in old notebooks, please do your best to get them uploaded to the WABDAB!  Ulf and Joost are always happy to assist with that.
            We have been working for sometime on an illustrated document explaining differences between juvenile Shikras and Gabar Goshawks.  It has now been uploaded.  For good measure it includes the adult birds as well.  Many thanks to all who contributed!  http://www.wabdab.org/db/viewdocument?key=DIFFICULT_SPECIES

Edited: 2016-04-19 [JBr]