May 2016 : New records, some nice images, watch out for Barka Indigobird in Niger

25 May 2016 [JBr]

Over the past month 464 records from Chad have been added and 183 from Niger.  The records from Chad include the first record for the WABDAB of Winding Cisticola; many palearctic migrants on their way north, including Masked Shrike; and Chestnut Sparrows in non-breeding plumage.  New images include a shot by Tim Wacher showing why Red-billed Quelea are also called 'feathered locusts'.  The Niger records include nice images of Bearded Barbet and of Pearl-Spotted Owlet with eyes in front and in the rear of its head.  Note that Barka Indigobird has been observed by Bob & Françoise Dowsett in Benin near Pont Triple, only 50 m from the border with Niger.  Keep an eye out for it in W, it parasitises Black-faced Firefinch.

Edited: 2016-05-25 [JBr]