August 2016 : A new species for the WABDaB - first photos - article on the Sahel and migrating birds

01 Sep 2016 [JBr]

During the past month the WABDaB received its first record of Meyer's Parrot.  First photos were received of Western Banded Snake Eagle, Brown-backed Woodpecker (both also first WABDaB records for Chad), Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird, Black Scimitarbill, Goliath Heron and African Scops Owl. A big thank-you for all the records and photos from two visits to Zakouma NP in 2014 and 2015.

A short illustrated article by David Kusserow has been uploaded to the literature list, on the difference between the green, welcoming Sahel in September-October, when migratory birds from Eurasia arrive, and the dry Sahel with litte to eat when the birds go north again in March-April.  Photos all on p.2, click here for the pdf.  If someone would like to translate it into French ...

Edited: 2016-09-02 [JBr]