September 2016 : information from the WABDaB used for a new report and a new book

06 Oct 2016 [JBr]

Not much action on the new records front, with just 51 new observations and one nice new picture of a Rufous-crowned Roller from Niger.  However, information from the WABDaB has been used for

1. a status report on the European Turtledove for an EU-LIFE project and

2. Birds of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East: an Annotated Checklist, due to be published later this year by Lynx Edicions.  The area described in the tile of the book is also known as the Western Palearctic and includes the very northern parts of Niger (Djado Plateau) and Chad (Tibesti).

Edited: 2016-10-06 [JBr]