March 2018: Five species new to Niger

19 Mar 2018 [JBr]

Please excuse the long delay since the previous blog.  Recently just over 1.000 records by Robert Dowsett and Françoise Dowsett-Lemaire from Park W-Niger have been added, mostly dating from 2016 and 2017.  We are very grateful for these additions.  They include the first confirmed records for Niger of Narina Trogon, African Moustached Warbler, Moltoni’s Warbler, Yellow-breasted Apalis and Splendid Sunbird, all of them at one or more places along the Mékrou River in the very south-west of the country.  Their observations also include first records for the WABDaB of Palm-nut Vulture, Yellowbill, African Blue Flycatcher and Black-necked Weaver.

Edited: 2018-03-19 [JBr]