October 2019: Ten years of WABDaB!!

02 Nov 2019 [JBr]

Ten years and a week since the NiBDaB -now WABDAB- went on-line.  We feel we've come a long way since then, adding Chad and Burkina Faso to Niger as focal countries along the way.  Thanks to our many contributors, we are at almost 60.000 records for Niger now, and almost 30.000 for Chad.  And for the three countries combined at 4403 photos of 437 different species.  We can't name all the past observers but present regular contributions by Benoît Forget in Niger and by Elsa Bussiere en Tim Wacher in Chad are essential in keeping the WABDaB flame burning.  We should probably do more about publicity but as long as the WABDaB remains an all-volunteer effort finding the time to publicise our existence remains a problem.  All suggestions on publicity and funding are welcome!

Edited: 2019-11-02 [JBr]