May 2020: White Stork and Griffon Vulture recoveries in Niger and Chad

16 May 2020 [JBr]

Recent interesting ring recoveries include two White Storks and two Griffon Vultures, one each in Niger and Chad. 
           A White Stork with ring 8140, recovered near Tillabéri in December 2019, had been ringed as a nestling in Staphorst, The Netherlands on 25 July 2007.  A White Stork found dead on a bush in the Ouadi Rimé Ouadi Achim Fauna Reserve in central Chad late March 2020, ring 42P50 PLG, had been ringed as a nestling in Paprotnia, 40 km due west of Warsaw, Poland, on 29 June 2019.
           A Griffon Vulture fitted with a transmitter by the Israel Nature and Parks Organisation around August 2019  crossed into NE Chad south of the Ennedi Massif on 9 Ocober 2019 and probably died five days later right on the border with Sudan.  A Griffon Vulture named Uvac, wing-tagged as a nestling on the Island of Cres in Croatia on May 7 2019, was found in poor condition at Gougama, 50 km SE of Arlit just west of the Aïr, in October 2019.  Uvac was rehabilitated and released again by the authorities on 8 January 2020.
           Many thanks for these recoveries to Benoît Forget and a trustworthy local guide in Niger and Wim van Nee and Annemieke Enters of STORK, The Netherlands; Krazidi Abeye and colleagues in Chad and Izabela Fischer of the Polish Ringing Centre; Ohad Hatzofeh in Israel; Colonel Samaila Sahailou (national director) and major Illiassou (regional director Arlit) of the Department of Fauna, Hunting, Parks and Reserves of the Niger Ministry of Environment and Tomislav Bandera Anic (Beli Visitor Centre and Rescue Centre for Griffon Vultures) and Goran Sušic (Institute of Ornithology, Beli) in Croatia.

Edited: 2020-05-17 [JBr]