September 2020: Unconfirmed records in general and Dunn’s and Kordofan Larks

08 sept. 2020 [JBr]

We feel it is useful to keep track on the WABDaB site of records that need further corroboration before being added to database itself.  Such records can alert other observers to keep an eye out for the species concerned near the location concerned.  Records to be confirmed can now be viewed via the Resources option in  the menu.  The list is not complete, older unconfirmed records need to be added.

A recent discussion brought to the fore again that separating Kordofan and Dunn’s Lark in the field, and sometimes even Singing Bush Lark, is not a straight forward matter.  For instance, all three species can have tri-coloured tails.  We have therefore moved to the new ‘To be confirmed’ file all the records of Dunn’s Lark and Kordofan Lark from outside areas where their presence has been confirmed via pictures or collections.  For Kordofan Lark this leaves only one record.  Opinions about the pictures attached to that record vary.  Further investigation may lead to that record to require further confirmation, too.

Redigé: 2020-09-08 [JBr]