New NiBDaB query interface

27 Nov 2010 [ULi]

We are constantly working to improve the NiBDaB, trying to make it a powerful and yet easy to use tool for scientists and amateur birders alike. Therefore we are happy to announce the launch of a new and more sophisticated query interface.

Under the "Observations" menu item you can now search for observations matching almost any field in the data base. You can now not only display all observations of a certain species, but also select all observations for a particular period or source. Do you want to know which species have been seen breeding in the rainy season of 2008? Just enter the appropriate start and end dates, choose "yes" in the breeding select box, and hit the "Apply" button. The search result can then with a single click be exported to a spreadsheet which you can download for further analysis.

Enjoy and happy birding!   

Edited: 2010-11-28 [ULi]