Species: African Hobby (Falco cuvierii)
Number: 1
Remarks: matinale 6H45 - 10H30 The falcon was sitting in top of tree on other side of river offering a two coloured global pattern: throat, chest and underparts a rich chestnut rufous colour (I didn't really see the finely streaked with black), the upper parts, wings and tail dark slate grey. All dark upperside excludes female Red-footed. No contrast between chest and throat/face excludes pale morph Eleonora's. More or less same size as two nearby rollers that chased it away when I wasn't looking
Date: 2020-02-29
Source: Benoît Forget
Location: Niamey, Goudel Digue aux Hippos (Niger)
Entered by: Joost Brouwer (Brouwer EAC)
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