Species: Long-billed Pipit (Anthus similis)
Number: 1
Remarks: Distinctive and not closely resembling images of other long-billed pipits eg. at ABC Image database. Flew out from boulders at foot of granite boulder mountain several minutes after playing Chappuis tapes of Long-billed pipit. Large with robust build, striking cinnamon-rufous tones and plain underside.. Tail long and near black with cinnamon outer margins to feathers visible, blotchy mantle, nearly plain cinnamon-washed breast, darkening towards belly, with a few very fine and scarcely visible streaks on upper breast, very narrow malar stripe mostly hidden, prominent long buffy supercilium, strong bill with pinkish base to lower mandible. Habitat and behaviour fits A. similis, appearance seems to match ssp. jebelmarrae in BoA. Perched feely on large granite boulders and foraged briefly among adjacent dry grasses, retreated back up into boulder-strewn mountain side.
Date: 2021-12-10
Source: Tim Wacher
Location: Abeche to Biltine - Granite hills (Chad)
Entered by: Tim Wacher